Contracting Opportunities

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) contracts at least $25-30 million in business activity with area companies annually in procuring a variety of professional services, construction services and supplies.  Pursuing business contracting opportunities with minority and women owned firms and Section 3 certified firms is a high priority.

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Invitation For Bids (IFB)

IFB No. B16023 – Trash Compactor Services

See the attachment below for more details

IFB No. B16023 – Trash Compactor Services

IFB No. B16025 – Fifth Avenue Roofing

See the document below for more details.

IFB No. B16025 – Fifth Avenue Roofing

Request For Proposals (RFP)

RFP No. P16007; Housing Choice Voucher – Families out of Shelter Project Based Voucher Initiative

All questions regarding this RFP shall be submitted to by August 19, 2016 at 2:00 PM CST.  MPHA will respond to all questions by addendum, which will be posted on MPHA’s website.

Proposal responses are due by August 29, 2016 at 2:00 PM CST to Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, Attention: Ayla LeRoy, Procurement Department, 1001 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401-1043.  E-mailed and faxed responses will not be accepted.

RFP No. P16007 – Addendum No. 2  (Issued on 8/18/16)

RFP No. P16007 – Addendum No. 1  (Issued on 8/9/16)

RFP No. P16007 – Families Out of Shelter PBV Initiative

Attachment No. 1 – Description of Project Based Voucher Program

Attachment No. 2 – Description of Shelter to Housing – Project Based Vouchers

Attachment No. 3 – Description of Hennepin County Coordinated Entry System

Attachment No. 4 – HUD Form 5369-B

Attachment No. 5 – PBV HAP contract – Existing Housing

Attachment No. 6 – Certificate of Acknowledgement

Attachment No. 7 – HUD Form 5369-C

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Request for Information (RFI)