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Contact Section 8 HCV using the form below, or use the Staff Directory.


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  1. Dial 612-342-1480, then press 1, then press 8
  2. When prompted, be prepared to enter the social security number and date of birth of the head of household
  3. If you are a current participant, you will be transferred directly to your eligibility technician.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Caseloads by Participant Family Last Name)
Aa – Add: Kelly Davis, E.T.612-342-1460612-638-4026JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Ade – Bes: Sara Spears E.T.612-342-1230612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Bet- Dag: Latisha Hogan, E.T.612-342-1493612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Dah – Fis: Sarah King E.T.,612-342-1429612-638-4020Tina Johnson
Fit – Hat: Alisha Black, E.T.612-342-1487612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Hau – Joh: Chris Banini, E.T.612-342-1206612-638-4130JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Joi - Kel: Kelly Davis, E.T.612-342-1460612-638-4026JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Kem - Mitd: Jocelyn Smith, E.T.612-342-1422612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Mite - Ol: Houa Vang, E.T.612-342-1203612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Om - Sanc: Olivia Awoudi E.T. 612-342-1481612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Sand – Uz: LaShaun Hilliard, E.T612-342-1461612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
V – Zz: Dizzale Tanner, E.T.612-342-1432612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Project Based & Moderate Rehabilitation Programs
Terri Phillips, E.T.612-342-1479612-638-4179Tina Johnson
Jenny Xiong, E.T.612-342-1210612-638-4060Tina Johnson
Hua Lee, E.T.612-342-1483612-335-4427Tina Johnson
Other Programs
All About The Kids: Sarah King E.T.612-342-1429612-638-4020Tina Johnson
FSS Coordinator: Darling Thao E.T.612-342-1454612-335-4427Rita Ytzen
FUP/Mobility Coordinator: Darling Thao E.T.612-342-1454612-335-4427Rita Ytzen
VASH: Marcus Krause-Rice, E.T.612-342-1231612-638-4031Rita Ytzen
Waiting List Hotline612-335-4404612-335-4427Rita Ytzen
Port-Ins A-G: Merideth Mayrand,612-342-1457612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Ins H-M: Michelle Luna E.T.612-342-1405 612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Ins N-Z: Kristi Clayson, E.T.612-342-1409612-638-4103JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Port-Outs: Kelly Davis, E.T.612-342-1460612-638-4026JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Inspection Center
Terry Faue, Senior Inspector612-342-1238612-638-4014Rita Ytzen
Roger Asp, Inspector612-342-1239612-638-4191Rita Ytzen
Dwight Athias, Inspector612-342-1431612-638-4028Rita Ytzen
Joe Hoban, Inspector612-342-1237612-638-4018Rita Ytzen
Rick Fricano, Inspector612-342-1462612-335-4490Rita Ytzen
Kayse Kruschke, A.A.612-342-1211612-335-4490Rita Ytzen
Other Staff
Sgt. Eric Dison, Program Integrity Coordinator612-335-4427Rita Ytzen
Terry Kieffer, Quality Control612-342-1426612-335-4427Cheryl Borden
Tyler Moroles, HCV Program Analyst612-342-1421612-335-4427Cheryl Borden
Carrie Patock, A.A., Front Desk612-342-1480612-335-4427JoEtta Michels-Gordon
Management Team
Cheryl Borden, Managing Director612-342-1420612-638-4120Dennis Goldberg
Rita Ytzen, Senior Supervisor612-342-1492612-638-4192Cheryl Borden
JoEtta Michels-Gordon, Supervisor612-342-1436612-335-4427Cheryl Borden
Tina Johnson, Supervisor612-342-1220612-638-4010Cheryl Borden