Section 8 HCV

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides Section 8 rent subsidies to families with low income in the form of Housing Choice Vouchers and Project Based Units.  The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) administers the program in the City of Minneapolis.  MPHA pays rent subsidies directly to rental property owners on behalf of eligible families.

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Benefits for Participants

The Section 8 HCV Program offers financial assistance for rental housing to low income families. The rental assistance provides opportunities to low income families by partnering with owners of existing housing units. This opportunity enables families the affordability to rent all housing types throughout the city, thus avoiding a concentration of assisted housing.

Benefits for Property Owners

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) guarantees owners a portion of the rent through the participant’s rental assistance. The intent of the program is to lessen the burden on the family’s budget for housing costs, helping them to better afford their rental payment. This results in more consistent, timely and full payments to owners. Additionally, periodic inspection of the unit helps to alert owners of required and/or recommended repairs.