Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

These pages are intended to assist current participants of MPHA’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program on their housing journey.  Please find below information on program policies and processes, including forms you can use to communicate changes in family circumstances to your Eligibility Technician.  Find your Eligibility Technician here or call our office at 612-342-1480.


Rent Reform

MPHA’s Section 8 HCV program is embarking on a rent reform initiative which will significantly change the way rent portions are calculated.  Visit this page to learn more about it.

Moving with Assistance

Learn about the process of moving to a new home using your Housing Choice Voucher, including housing search assistance, moving outside of Minneapolis, payment and occupancy standards, and more.

Rent Portions

After moving into a new unit, learn how to determine how much to pay for your portion of the rent.

Changes in Income or Household Composition

Participants are required to report changes in income or the addition or removal of household members.  Learn about the process download forms for reporting.

Termination of Assistance

Violation of family obligations can result in the loss of assistance.  Learn about your rights and what steps will be taken.

Family Self-Sufficiency

Families on the FSS program work towards self-sufficiency by building employment skills.


Housing search resources are available to applicants who qualify and agree to move to a non-concentrated area within the City of Minneapolis and agree to live there for a certain amount of time.


Eligible residents can participate in MPHA’s homeownership program, which assists in building the skills and resources for becoming a homeowner.


Current Section 8 HCV participants can download forms for reporting changes or giving notice to vacate.


MPHA’s policies for administering the Section 8 HCV program can be found in the Administrative Plan.