Minneapolis Highrise Representative Council (MHRC)

Laundry Project – Project Lookout – Resident Council/Participation Support

MHRC provides supervisory direction, administration, and coordination to manage the laundry rooms in the 40 MPHA highrise buildings. MHRC also staffs and administers the Project Lookout volunteer crime watch patrol program with up to 250 volunteers annually patrolling 24 of MPHA’s highrises to help keep them safer for residents. MHRC also provides support and guidance to the 36 highrise resident councils throughout the city, and works with MPHA collaboratively through a variety of resident participation activities. MHRC’s offices are located at the Heritage Park Senior Services Center, 1015 Fourth Avenue North, Minneapolis on the 2nd floor. 

The MHRC’s full board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every other month at 9:30am at various highrise locations. For more information please call MHRC’s main office at (612) 342-1330.

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